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Lessons Learned the road to Manzanar, a WWII relocation center for Japanese-Americans

On Feb. 19, 1942, 75 days after the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed an executive order creating “war relocation centers,” designed to confine “threatening” domestic groups. This wartime law concerned Japanese-Americans. Facing hostility, families had to choose: stay in the “safety” of your own home, or move…

Lessons Learned

Dear incoming freshman,

You are about to experience one of life’s great transitions—far greater than any (cringe-worthy) middle and high school moments you have experienced to date. As you prepare to leave home and enter the mysterious ecosystem of college, a bit of advice: Remain aware that although the road that leads there is an eventful and exciting one, it also ends faster than you’d ever think possible.

Lessons Learned Aerial view of Main Street in Davidson, NC

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds that life on campus can induce claustrophobia. The academics, time constraints and being surrounded by the same 2,000 students every single day can get old. We talk about the “Davidson Bubble” on campus a lot, but what is Davidson like when…

Lessons Learned Prof. Durwin Striplin

The great musician, Duke Ellington, once played a song titled “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be.” I am constantly reminded of this, looking at my yearly faculty photos, where I see myself gradually transforming into a gnome! We almost take it for granted that we can access massive information storehouses…

Lessons Learned Andrea Shill

On day one, I gave my parents a quick hug and waved goodbye as if I was leaving for the weekend. As I watched them walk away, I was tempted to run after them, hide in the trunk and go home. Instead, I distracted myself with what seemed like meaningless small talk questions…