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Dean Rusk
Figuring Out Life in Yogyakarta

My first month living in Yogyakarta was busy and exciting. The first few weeks were especially hectic—so hectic that I barely had time to slow down enough to fully realize that I was living on my own on the other side of the world. This was good, however, because it…

Dean Rusk
Tea with a View

A few weeks ago, I visited Jonah and Coomi of Bitterleaf Tea at their Kunming studio. Bitterleaf is known for beautiful teaware and beautiful photographs of said teaware, thanks to Coomi’s pro photography skills, but they also have been sourcing and pressing high-quality puer since they opened business three years…

Dean Rusk
To the Lighthouse

In a jet-lagged haze, I travelled northward to an island off the coast of another island. After taking a plane, a bus, a van, another plane, a taxi, a bus, and a ferry, I finally arrived in Hrisey, Iceland, the ‘Second largest island in Iceland’ (approx. 3 sq mi). In…

Dean Rusk
Instant Chemistry: Conducting Research in Germany

Upon entering my senior year at Davidson College, I will have completed a full year of research under Dr. Nicole Snyder toward our investigations into new treatments for drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. After a summer and two semesters of conducting this research in Dr. Snyder’s lab, I now have the…

Dean Rusk
Making It to the Other Side of the Earth

“Greetings from the other side of the planet.” This is how I begin all of the postcards that I have sent from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am writing this blog post from a coffee shop 10,000 miles away from both my home in Atlanta and my home-away-from-home in Davidson. It took…

Interns Use Data to Improve Athlete Performance

The use of data to make decisions in sports is nothing new, but the technologies now available to measure athlete performance and interpret data have come a long way. This summer, we interned under the guidance of professor Tim Chartier for Athlete Intelligence, a sports technology and data analytics company…

Dean Rusk
Using Art to Bring Down Walls

Hello, Davidson Community! It’s Sarah Gompper here, writing on a rainy afternoon from my tiny room in Berlin. I designed an independent summer journalism project after feeling a bit bummed that I didn’t go abroad during the year. I ended up receiving a Dean Rusk Grant, and now I’m here…

Study Abroad
Peace in Creating: Do What You Love & Have Fun

“Passion is the mission when looking for singularity. You looking like a drone. Oh boy! That’s hilarity. I’m asking life to marry me… It’s a proposition, cause we need more brothers who itching to chase ambition…” That’s a snippet of a rap I wrote and released a little over two…

Lessons Learned
Manzanar: Confinement and Human Resilience in the Desert

On Feb. 19, 1942, 75 days after the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed an executive order creating “war relocation centers,” designed to confine “threatening” domestic groups. This wartime law concerned Japanese-Americans. Facing hostility, families had to choose: stay in the “safety” of your own home, or move…

DUFF: The Road to Nationals

Should they stay or should they go? “Ultimately” not a hard choice for the DUFF (Davidson Ultimate Frisbee Folk) seniors, whose crew team made it to the USA Ultimate national finals tournament… scheduled for graduation weekend.

Dean Rusk
The Writing, the Walls: Experiencing the 2016 Election from Abroad

Ever since my first day of Saturday morning German school, I’ve looked forward to traveling to Germany to experience the culture I’d grown up only hearing about. And ever since the first presidential election I can remember, I’ve looked forward to the day that I would be able to cast my own vote and have my voice heard. For me, these two long-awaited, much-anticipated events coincided.

Lessons Learned
A Race to the Start

Dear incoming freshman,

You are about to experience one of life’s great transitions—far greater than any (cringe-worthy) middle and high school moments you have experienced to date. As you prepare to leave home and enter the mysterious ecosystem of college, a bit of advice: Remain aware that although the road that leads there is an eventful and exciting one, it also ends faster than you’d ever think possible.

Lessons Learned
Davidson: Small Town With a Lot to Offer

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds that life on campus can induce claustrophobia. The academics, time constraints and being surrounded by the same 2,000 students every single day can get old. We talk about the “Davidson Bubble” on campus a lot, but what is Davidson like when…

Study Abroad
Finding the Exotic in the Familiar

When people think of London they may think of the Queen, Big Ben, double decker buses, the tube and tea. And of course the accents. But rarely do people consider London an exotic location for study abroad. After I decided to study abroad junior fall, I narrowed my choices to London…

Lessons Learned
The Information Age and the Flipped Chemistry Classroom

The great musician, Duke Ellington, once played a song titled “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be.” I am constantly reminded of this, looking at my yearly faculty photos, where I see myself gradually transforming into a gnome! We almost take it for granted that we can access massive information storehouses…

Lessons Learned
Semester One

On day one, I gave my parents a quick hug and waved goodbye as if I was leaving for the weekend. As I watched them walk away, I was tempted to run after them, hide in the trunk and go home. Instead, I distracted myself with what seemed like meaningless small talk questions…

Dean Rusk
A Summer in Monet’s Garden

My summer experience was set in motion last fall, when I traveled with Davidson’s program based in Tours, France, and we made an excursion to the Fondation Claude Monet in Giverny, just over an hour northwest of Paris. With every passing minute, winding through the most amazingly beautiful garden I’d…

Dean Rusk
On the Job (and on Safari) in Zambia

In only the span of a month, I’ve watched four vaginal deliveries, the insertion of a uretic catheter and an autopsy. Wow! This summer, I traveled to Africa with Dr. Secret, Dr. Case, and eight other Davidson students for the Davidson in Zambia program. After a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg,…

Snapshot of Sofia

If you asked me just three months ago what I would be doing this summer, I would have never imagined I’d have the opportunity to intern in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. When I received my internship offer from Dronamics, a startup that develops unmanned cargo aircraft, I was a…

Data Analytics as a Stand-in for Life

Living alone for the first time is hard enough.  Living alone for the first time, working 40 hours a week in an industry you’ve barely touched – data analytics (as a likely English major) – that’s a little harder. But like most Davidson students, I like a good challenge. Had…

Davidson Research Initiative
Dichterliebe: Research in the Arts

“Are you okay?” is often what I’m asked when someone I don’t know well passes me and notices that I’m mumbling to myself in German. To most of my friends, my mumbling doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore. It’s something that I’ve been doing since spring semester when I…

An Inspiring Summer in the Big Apple

If anyone told me three years ago that I would one day have the privilege of living and working in New York City, I would immediately have laughed at them. The reason being, before arriving at Davidson College, certain opportunities seemed more like fairy tales, or wishful thinking. Yet the…

A Chemistry Major Ready for Anything

My first month at MicroSio (which will undergo a name change soon) has been a really enjoyable learning experience. I’ve been tasked with everything from market research to designing experiments in the lab, and I’ve found my Davidson liberal arts education extremely helpful in preparing me for a Swiss Army…

Dean Rusk
To Taiwan and Back Without a Plan

Back in February, I was standing in Dr. Shelley Rigger’s office asking about some form I needed to fill out when she asked me if I was planning to study abroad and where. I told her about my situation and how being a student-athlete made study abroad during the academic…

Trial by Fire

Only two weeks of my internship had passed when I heard “trial by fire,” a phrase that I hadn’t realized I was missing until a prospective member jokingly described my job as such. I laughed it off but quickly realized how appropriately it described the way I was feeling early…

What Does a Classics Major Know About Coding?

My fall semester spent studying environmental policy in the EU opened my eyes to the intricacies and excitement of the energy industry. After one semester of readings and lectures, as well as a trip to the Paris Climate Summit, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to pursue an internship in…

Davidson in Washington
Wildcats in Washington: Where Passion Meets PR

This summer, I am interning at PR Collaborative, a small “boutique” public relations firm in Washington, D.C., serving clients in both policy and film. As a policy intern, I mostly work with foundations and campaigns addressing public health issues. Working for an alumna, Kate Reuterswärd ’09, has been such a…

Somebody Get Me a Dictionary

In typical Davidson fashion, I don’t really know what I’m doing – but I’m attempting to work it out. Over the past two weeks, I have been thrust into the business world, wholly unprepared for the challenges and breadth of acronyms that awaited me. I arrived on day one to…

Study Abroad
Czech Republic

As I walked through the terminal, what I knew of the Czech language came rushing back to give me some confidence heading into my solo effort. Navigating the trams and the metro to get to my apartment was a breeze. At dinner, ordering that beef goulash with potato dumplings and…

Study Abroad

Plans have a very high mortality rate in Africa. Our plan was to teach basic computer skills to secondary school students in rural Tanzania. As we sat across from Mzee, the “Old Man” and head of our Tanzanian partner organization, we learned that our primary job would not be to…

Study Abroad
Fasting in Solidarity During Ramadan

For just less than half the month of Ramadan I fasted in solidarity with my co-workers at the Solidarity Center-Rabat Office, my Muslim friends around the world, and the cultural mores of this beautiful country. Whenever I tell Moroccans that I’m fasting, they ask the logical follow up: “wash inta…

Study Abroad
Regardless of Race, Religion, or Politics

Nervous and exhausted, I was welcomed with open arms by my host mother, Um Muhammad, at the door of her beautiful home. Anxious about sleeping in a new bed, new home, and in a country foreign to me, it suddenly hit me that I was actually there—in Amman, about to…