Fasting in Solidarity During Ramadan


For just less than half the month of Ramadan I fasted in solidarity with my co-workers at the Solidarity Center-Rabat Office, my Muslim friends around the world, and the cultural mores of this beautiful country. Whenever I tell Moroccans that I’m fasting, they ask the logical follow up:

“wash inta Muslim?”
“La, mshy Muslim.”

Then they simply ask, “Why?” I have the amusing privilege of trying to determine whether they are asking me why I am fasting or why I’m not Muslim, since both questions are asked with about equal frequency. I usually respond with an adapted version of “when in Rome.” And it isn’t wrong. Why would I come to Morocco and try to live the fast-food and materialistic lifestyle of far too many Americans?

This story, written by Myles Teasley ’14, originally appeared in the 2013-14 Dean Rusk Annual Report.



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