Peace in Creating: Do What You Love & Have Fun


“Passion is the mission when looking for singularity. You looking like a drone. Oh boy! That’s hilarity. I’m asking life to marry me… It’s a proposition, cause we need more brothers who itching to chase ambition…”

That’s a snippet of a rap I wrote and released a little over two years ago, I guess around the time I decided to take my passion for writing poetry and music seriously. Let me explain a bit more:

“Growing up, all I ever had was my art—straight from the start. Nothing gonna tear us apart. When the lights out, I would still draw in the dark. I got the light in my mind, that’s how I kept out the dark…”

That’s a snippet from a poetry piece I wrote last summer. Essentially, to me, art was my best friend growing up. Whether it was drawing, painting, performing, writing poetry, rapping or making beats, it never left my side. Where I grew up I never really fit into any social statuses and making friends wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do. Sometimes I would want to be out in the streets where everyone else was, not realizing that wasn’t the safest place for kids on my side of town. Since I couldn’t go out all the time, I found peace in creating.

As time passed, art became less of a hobby and more of a way of life. If things got hard at home or at school or I just didn’t know what to think, I could always have a medium to express how I feel. It was therapeutic. Fast forward a few years and I’m a QuestBridge Scholar attending Davidson College creating my major in digital media. This will encompass film, music production and digital art, as these three disciplines are often segregated in academic settings.

On top of creating my major, I’ve crossed paths with so many amazing artists, and this even led me and two of the greatest guys I know to start NXT LVL, Davidson’s first professional rap group. In my thirst for knowledge and creative experiences, I wound up applying and being accepted to study abroad at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Being in Aotearoa has opened my eyes to so many unique experiences and perspectives that encourage me to continue to grow in so many ways.

The moral of this story is to find what you love and pursue that. Far too often people end up unhappy and dissatisfied with what they do because they do it for the wrong reasons. I want to encourage you to pursue your passion and live your dreams. If you do what you love, I believe everything else will fall in line. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but if life isn’t gonna be easy, may as well have fun doing it, right?

This post originally appeared on the Quest Bridge Stories blog.


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Victor-Alan Weeks '19 is a digital media major from Atlanta, Georgia, and co-founder of NXT LVL, the first professional rap group out of Davidson College.

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