Author Rebecca Pempek

Rebecca Pempek

Rebecca Pempek is a studio art major from Putnam, Connecticut.

Dean Rusk Village of Hrisey in Iceland on a summer day

After three weeks of working alongside one another, the five artists living in Gamli Skóli (myself included) decided to host an exhibition. In the weeks prior, when we were not making art, we were busy befriending island locals and inviting them to our open house. I woke up on exhibition…

Dean Rusk island of Hrisey in Iceland

In a jet-lagged haze, I travelled northward to an island off the coast of another island. After taking a plane, a bus, a van, another plane, a taxi, a bus, and a ferry, I finally arrived in Hrisey, Iceland, the ‘Second largest island in Iceland’ (approx. 3 sq mi). In…