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Uncategorized Chris Johnson celebrates on field

Should they stay or should they go? “Ultimately” not a hard choice for the DUFF (Davidson Ultimate Frisbee Folk) seniors, whose crew team made it to the USA Ultimate national finals tournament… scheduled for graduation weekend.

Dean Rusk Candles in street

Ever since my first day of Saturday morning German school, I’ve looked forward to traveling to Germany to experience the culture I’d grown up only hearing about. And ever since the first presidential election I can remember, I’ve looked forward to the day that I would be able to cast my own vote and have my voice heard. For me, these two long-awaited, much-anticipated events coincided.

Lessons Learned The Chen family

Dear incoming freshman,

You are about to experience one of life’s great transitions—far greater than any (cringe-worthy) middle and high school moments you have experienced to date. As you prepare to leave home and enter the mysterious ecosystem of college, a bit of advice: Remain aware that although the road that leads there is an eventful and exciting one, it also ends faster than you’d ever think possible.